Holiday Lesson Sale: Save $80 on a bundle of 4!!

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  ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Greetings everyone and happy holidays!   This season, give the gift of music.  I’m offering a bundle of 4 lessons for $160 to all new students!  That’s $40/hour.  $20 off my regular price!  Available from anywhere in the world via *SKYPE* or in person if you live in the Portland, OR area.   

My latest piece is live on Elephant Journal!

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Please comment and **SHARE** this link at will.  I’d love for this one to make the rounds!  Thank you for your support. 60 days of Yoga, My First Vipassana & Quitting Social Media.

Zak to Collaborate with Tempos Contemporary Circus! May 5-7

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I’m proud and honored to be performing and composing new pieces with Portland’s Tempos Contemporary Circus for three shows at The Echo Theater May 5-7 along with Sean Daly on upright bass.  The project is exciting new territory for me as the music is a playful dialogue with a group of acrobats combining a dynamic

Zak Featured in Music Video

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Proud to be a part of this exquisitely-shot music video from Kathryn Claire.  It was shot at Cannon Beach, Oregon.  It’s a medley of Kat’s tune Friday Fugue and a slow traditional Irish reel The Maids of Michellstown.  Features Allen Hunter (EELS) on the bass.  Alan and I appear as “actors” as well.  Beckoning sea

In a Practice Rut? Drop it. Go Dancing.

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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten bloggy or updated the site at all.  To be honest, it’s also been a few months since I’ve been in serious practice mode.  The gig schedule has been light as well.  And for the first time, I couldn’t be happier about it.  What gives?  To tell the

8 Ways To Get More From Your Practice Time

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 1. Always Warm up First I strongly believe that the crucial moment in your practice time is in the very first few minutes: the transition from the everyday slog.  Make it count.  Take a deep breath.  Begin slowly with a few easy, left and right hand exercises. The only goal here is to get your

New Free Video Tutorials!

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Hey Folks!  I’m proud to announce my new YOUTUBE channel.  Click on the link below, browse around and subscribe!  I’ll be adding a new video every week through the end of this year.  In the tutorials, I’ll explore a host of topics including chord theory, rhythms, improvisation and songwriting.  Down the line, I’m hoping to

The Force of May

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Finally back at my own desk in Portland, OR, I’m trying to get my head around my strange and beautiful month of May.  From a prolific, restless and cabin-bound time at my first artist residency, to playing main stage at the sold-out SASQUATCH! Festival, I’m still reeling.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to

My Residency: A Case for Chasing Sandpipers

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So it’s not happening the way I expected.  I did have a nagging suspicion I’d run into some tricky old business out here.  It’s Oysterville after all.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s stunningly beautiful here.  But the town is eerily quaint.  As in, Stephen King quaint.  Where is everybody?  It’s the kind of

11 favorite quotes: songwriting

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As I embark on a month-long composition and songwriting residency, I’m looking for a few sparks and reminders.  I must say, I’m not a huge fan of top ten lists.  The whole trend just seems like a way to nibble quick appetizers and put off the main course.  But here are a few gems from

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